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(EI) Emotional intelligence questionnaire


or truly effective leadership, requires a high level of emotional intelligence.

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Emotional Intelligence Simple Diagnostic Tool

Emotional intelligence" is required of leaders. Let's start by correctly understanding your current situation and improving your self-awareness.

To help you improve your self-awareness, we have prepared a simple check tool on Emotional Intelligence (Emotional Intelligence). Emotional Intelligence, first made widely known by Daniel Goleman in his 1995 book, is one of the qualities required for leadership. He found that while traditional qualities such as intelligence, toughness, determination, and vision are required for success, they are not enough. High emotional intelligence is another characteristic of a truly effective leader.

Benefits of using the simple diagnostic tool

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Free Initial Coaching Trial

Those who answer the Emotional Intelligence Diagnostic Tool will receive a free first trial of our coaching services. Please apply for a coaching appointment on the page where the diagnostic results are displayed.

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Representative and Consultant, BrainMaid, Inc.

Fumiko Watanabe

I have an MBA (GlobalBusiness / Alliance Manchester Business School) and am an International Coach Federation certified coach and SHRM/HRCI certified consultant. I have many years of experience in organizational and human resource development as a Human Resources Manager in the consumer products, manufacturing, and IT industries, and I use my corporate HR experience to support career development through coaching.

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