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INSIGHT for Leaders 
IMPACT for Business

An Executive Partner that maximizes 

the potential of people and organizations

in the fastest possible time 

BrainMaid supports both business strategy and thinking and provides leadership coaching that guides you into achieving your goals.

The internal transformation of leaders brings sustainable growth to the entire organization.

At the stage of business growth, there are many cases in which the profit and sales channel development of the core business are given priority, and the formation of a human resource organization is not reached.

For example, “Even though the business has grown so much, the human resources are not growing”, “We need to change the culture”, or “The company’s organization does not accompany the growth of the business”. We understand and support the gap between the ideals and reality that many business leaders have, and enable the formation of a strong organization that supports medium- to long-term business strategies.

The value that our human resource organization brings is by no means something that other companies can easily obtain and imitate. That is why strategically linking human resources, organizations, and leadership with business will lead to a strong competitive advantage, and will be a major foundation for enabling sustainable business growth and innovation.

BrainMaid will support the creation of this foundation from scratch.







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・Organization development

・Cultural engagement


・Human resource development

Brainmade's primary purpose is to provide effective solutions to the challenges faced by client companies' businesses and organizations. Through a brain-made consulting approach, we support strategies that bring the best results to your business. In addition, for sustainable business success, we will help you comprehensively strengthen the development of human resources and organizations that create competitiveness in the market. 



・Executive coaching detail

・Career coaching detail

We all have many potentials within us. Transformational coaching from within is aimed at developing a positive and possible mindset and fostering a mindset of continuous improvement.

This coaching service is for all executives, managers and employees who want to overcome challenges and aim for growth with goals.



・Workshops and seminars

・Face-to-face/remote training


​Memorable, powerful and engaging training can lead to behavioral changes that lead to better performance. Such changes are caused by gaining awareness through learning experiences. Brainmade uses creative and engaging materials to provide training that has a greater impact on performance. The training content can be customized according to the needs of the client company.


Learn more about Brainmade's consulting approach here



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The most creative and sustainable resource in business is PEOPLE.

BrainMaid provides comprehensive leadership coaching, which guides executives to awareness of concerns. Supporting the company's strategy from a human resource perspective to help the entire organization grow faster and bigger.

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