Unity and teamwork concept as a business


HR Studio

  Strategic HR consulting

BrainMaid provides comprehensive consulting services that link your business strategy with human resources, organizations, and leadership to form a strong competitive advantage in your business.

We focus on value creation for successful companies.

During the early stages of a company’s life cycle, profitability and sales channel development tend to receive priority over organizational considerations.  However, as the business expands this cannot be ignored due to the importance of developing and maintaining a cohesive team committed to growth and challenge.

People and culture are at the heart of any strong and vibrant organization that is engaged, innovative and delivering to its full potential. Engaged and empowered teams go beyond the call of duty to produce results when everyone is a shared stakeholder. We link people, organizations and leadership to build long-term competitive advantages and sustainable business success. At BrainMaid we understand these unique concerns and specialize in bridging the gap between ideals and reality.  We help you create a custom roadmap to achieving key milestones as well as incremental steps along the way.


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Unity and teamwork concept as a business

HR Studio

  Strategic HR consulting





  • Organizational Development

  • Culture / Engagement

  • Leadership

  • HR Development

BrainMaid's primary goal is to provide effective solutions to the challenges faced by today’s businesses and organizations.

We focus on results-oriented initiatives

through the BrainMaid consulting approach.

In addition, we help strengthen the development of human resources and organizational synergy to create competitive advantages in the marketplace.



・ Executive Coaching more 

・ Career coaching  more

We all have immense potential inside. Coaching that causes transformation from the inside is aimed at expanding  a positive growth-mindset and fostering continuous development.

This coaching service is available to all executives, managers and employees who want to overcome challenges and aim for high growth and achievement.



  • Workshops and Seminars

  • Face-to-face / Remote Training

  • E-learning

Memorable, powerful and engaging training can lead to behavioral changes and improved performance. These changes are caused by the awareness of the learning experience. BrainMaid makes use of a curated selection of industry-leading materials to deliver training that has a greater impact on performance and results. The exact content can be customized according to your needs.


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About BrainMaid

Our aim is to provide comprehensive support for the development of human resources organizations in conjunction with our clients' business strategies. Our chief consultant and strategist has studied at a UK business school, held senior positions in marketing at a global company, and then spent many years in HR management where she focused on developing organizations and people for various industries. View more information here

Our flexible, business-focused and strategic support differentiates us from a traditional HR consulting, and we can help you develop your organization more effectively and more pervasively. Please feel free to contact us.

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We also provide online (ZOOM) consultations and meetings.

We provide a full cycle of consulting, coaching and counseling while

It is possible to customize the service according to the needs of the client.

Feel free to contact Brain Maid.

<< We also offer online (ZOOM) consultations and meetings >>

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