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Partner for sustainable 
career success

Envision what you want to do and who you want to be

Clear career visions and goals, developing stories, and leading them to action.

In Career Coaching, BrainMaid, the coach partners with the client (coachee) to identify needs and support career development concepts, strategies, and practices to achieve sustainable career success using diagnostic tools.


As humans, we are more creative when we look to the future, and BrainMaid coaches clients to look firmly to the end, setting clear career visions and goals, developing stories, and leading them to action.


The way you build your career is up to you, but the first thing to do is envision what you want to do and who you want to be in the future.


Then, you need to think about how to draw a path to get there, what you need to learn, and what kind of experience you need to gain.


Of course, many of us understand the importance of this, but in reality, we often wonder what we want to do, whether this is the right thing to do, or whether we could do things differently.


There are two major factors in that.


First,​ They haven't created a story about their career vision .

Second, there is a lack of awareness of how one's career interact with society and the world.


In the coaching process, you can discover yourself that you don't know, learn your story and how to build your branding while having a career vision, and help clients get the career they really want.


What is "Self-Branding" guided by a career coach?

(Nichigo Press article in Japanese)

Three coaching processes provided by BrainMaid

(1) Deepening self-awareness and thinking about sometimes challenging questions, resulting in discoveries and a deeper understanding of one's beliefs, values, and ways of thinking. We will look at ourselves and clarify how we differ from others to win better opportunities.

(2) Develop a career path and build your own story to make it happen. It is important to include yourself as the protagonist and the changes in your surrounding environment (society, relationships, world conditions).

(3) Branding - You will brush up on how your career development can provide value to the people around you and how you can add your personality to lead to richer communication.

Building your branding through this coaching process will create new possibilities and better position you to compete for jobs.

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Advice from an HR consultant is also available

Another critical aspect of career development is a good understanding of the job market, industry and salary levels.

Many people tend to prioritise job content, titles, and salary levels, but making easy choices there can make it challenging to develop your career later. For example, if you start your job with a lower salary than your standard, it will be a difficult road to bring it up to your standard later on.

Also, even if your industry is in demand now, as AI and digitalization advance, you may lose your job due to the wrinkles in hiring. However, even in such cases, if you have a solid knowledge of the market and the industry, you will be able to cope with the situation while acquiring alternative skills and expertise.

BrainMaid will not only advise you on these HR aspects. Still, we will also provide you with comprehensive support to build your ideal career by defining your career vision through coaching, creating a strategic plan for it, and branding yourself.

We offer a free 30- minute coaching demonstration (one time only). click here. 

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