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The Coach's role - What does coaching do?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

When I introduce myself as a coach, people often ask me, "What does coaching do?"

I like this because it's a good sign that people are interested in coaching, and it is an excellent question for a coach!

Here I would like to explain how to distinguish coaching by taking the four types compared to coaching.

The most common comparisons are counselling, consulting, training, and mentoring.

All of these have the client's situation in common.

In most cases, the client is in a situation where they face challenges, issues and concerns that they want to find a direction, change, or learn how to move on from their current status.

So what is the difference between them?

It is the approach to the client and the output.

The differences are

Counselling = Resolving

To fix the problem at its root, investigate the cause of the situation to resolve.

Consulting = Solutioning

Identify the problem, analyze and evaluate it from various perspectives, and find a solution with many options.

Training = Bridging

It is bridging the gaps with knowledge and skills.

Mentoring = Transferring

It transfers knowledge and valuable skills in practice where experience is lacking.

So what is coaching?

Coaching - Learning

Learning from awareness and discovery to create inner transformation

What do you think? When you look at it this way, the difference is clear.

The coach partners with the client and engages in a dialogue. During the conversation, the coach evokes clients awareness of themselves, making discoveries, learning new perspectives, and transforming themselves from the inside out.

This process of self-discovery and learning can lead to a more sustainable transformation of the mind and further progress and growth.

Evoke awareness and learning are all about coaching, which is the coaches' role.

At BrainMaid, we support our clients through our coaching services, working as partners to help them move forward.

If you are interested, more information is available here.



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