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For Executives and Managers who want to enhance their leadership skills in the organization

Develop skills to lead organizational change in an uncertain environment.

​Stay ahead of the curve as a leader  

Unlock your potential to lead teams and people in innovative and creative ways

Executive Coaching Service

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Are you facing any challenges
in your day-to-day activities while meeting the expectations and responsibilities of your organization?

☑︎You are facing difficulties in effectively communicating with your team

☑︎You feel a disconnect between your personal expectations and the larger goals of the organization

☑︎You are encountering obstacles and roadblocks while trying to make progress in your work

☑︎You are experiencing pressure because of the responsibility you have been given

As leaders advance in their positions, they receive less objective feedback, hindering improvement. As a result,

Hinders opportunities for self-growth





Unable to reach one's potential

With the right support at the right time,
success is just around the corner by harnessing your abilities

Maximize the speed of the decision-making

Discover and solve problems effectively

Facilitate projects and teams

Deliver results and values

Are you looking for top-notch
Executive coaching service? 

Coaching for executives in leadership roles is gaining much attention these days.

In today's rapidly changing business world, coaching is expected to continue

to be in great demand in the future.

Executive coaching brings

insight to leaders and impact to organizations

Developing leadership skills and knowledge is essential for equipping yourself with success

Ability to Predict

Ability to predict how decisions, words and actions will affect the organization


Thinking Methods

Thinking methods required for strategy and next action steps


Benefits you can only get from high-level coaching

The ability to unlock your hidden potential

Internal skills



Leadership required to lead teams and people creatively and innovatively


Management Skills

How to effectively manage teams and provide direction


Why BrainMaid?


Cutting-edge services that differentiates us from traditional HR consulting



Tailor-made programs following the ICF (International Coach Federation) standards and guidelines



Strategic and flexible support focused on your business


Extensive Coaching Experience


We have experience coaching numerous executives and managers in various fields


Convenience of online coaching available anytime, anywhere


Professional Coach

Coach certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF-PCC) / MBA with many years of experience in HR management, organization and development for global corporations


Main Coaching Topics

Leadership|Project Management|Cognitive Bias|Organizational Relationships|Decision Making Process in Difficult Situations|Diversity & Inclusion|EQ Emotional Intelligence




(VP of Operations)

 I work for a Japanese company as a foreigner, and many problems that occured every day were related to human relations.

It was not clear to me whether the problems were a result of interpersonal issues or a result of cultural differences. That is why I decided to seek professional help in order to organize my thinking, approach, and response to the problem.

Ms. Watanabe, who coached me, asked me questions from various angles to analyze and organize the problems I was facing. As a result, I was able to view the problem from a perspective that I had never considered on my own. She guided me through the questions so that I could find the answers, which allowed me to find a solution that made sense to me. Now, I  am able to separate individual, organizational, and cultural differences and identify problems on my own, without outside influences, so I can solve problems without worry

Executive Coaching Services
What we offer to our clients

Fully-tailored leadership development programs

One-on-one or group coaching services

Accessible online from anywhere and anytime 

Equip leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to stay one step ahead

Our Focus

RESULT DRIVEN           Impact your career and business results

PRACTICAL                Everyday leadership solutions

TRANSFORMATIONAL   Transformation in self-awareness

Unlock your potential to lead teams and people in innovative and creative ways

Executive Coaching Services

We offer tailored services for both corporate and individual clients

Please feel free to join us for a trial coaching

How to begin

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Book a free trial coaching

Experience the coaching and discuss the area where you want to be coached.

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Tell us about your coaching goals, and we'll recommend a program. Rest assured, we'll support you before coaching begins.​




Purchase a coaching ticket

​Once you have selected the program, purchase a coaching ticket for the number of sessions.

**Corporate customers**

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Book a session

​​You can book as many dates as you want to begin coaching.




Start Coaching

The coaching will begin with goal setting with the coach, aiming for leadership that is one step ahead.​


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