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(EI) Emotional intelligence questionnaire

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Please rate how well each statement applies to you.
(1:Not at all true 3:About half true 5:Always true)

Q1 I realise immediately when I lose my temper

Q2 I can 'reframe' bad situations quickly

Q3 I am able to always motive myself to do difficult tasks

Q4 I am always able to see things from the other person's viewpoint

Q5 I am an excellent listener

Q6 I know when I am happy

Q7 I do not wear my 'heart on my sleeve'

Q8 I am usually able to prioritise important activities at work and get on with them

Q9 I am excellent at empathising with someone else's problem

Q10 I never interrupt other people's conversations

Q11 I usually recognise when I am stressed

Q12 Others can rarely tell what kind of mood I am in 

Q13 I always meet deadlines

Q14 I can tell if someone is not happy with me

Q15 I am good at adapting and mixing with a variety of people

Q16 When I am being 'emotional' I am aware of this

Q17 I rarely 'fly off the handle' at other people 

Q18 I never waste time

Q19 I can tell if a team of people are not getting along with each other

Q20 People are the most interesting thing in life for me

Q21 When I feel anxious I usually can account for the reason(s)

Q22 Difficult people do not annoy me

Q23 I do not prevaricate

Q24 I can usually understand why people are being difficult towards me

Q25 I love to meet new people and get to know what makes them 'tick'

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