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"Compassion" - The Power of Organizational Engagement

According to Gallup's global survey, 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged in their work.

This is a very surprising result.

And that low employee engagement has the following effects

37%↑ Higher absenteeism

49%↑ More accident

60%↑ More errors and defects

Furthermore, low employee engagement has a negative impact on the organization.

18% ↓ Lower productivity

16% ↓ Lower profitability

37% ↓ Lower job growth

65% ↓ Lower share price

(Queens School of Business & Gallup)

It's a reminder that engagement has a huge impact on an organization.

Business leaders and HR are constantly searching for ways to increase engagement. Of course, this is also a major theme in HR consulting.

So how can we do it? To be honest, there is no magic wizard that can solve everything.

However, it is possible to build positive relationships and increase engagement by simply changing our mindset.

It is a mindset of "Compassion"

There are three domains in here.

1: Empathy - understanding the pain and sorrow that someone is experiencing.

2: Kindness - Reaching out and being willing to help those in need.

3: Appreciation - Always be grateful.

For example, if you're not keeping up with the inevitable on productivity and results, you might say, "Let's make an action plan," "Let's report our progress every week," "Let's share information," etc.

Do you tend to communicate based on business processes and actions?

In such cases, take a step back from the business perspective and try to understand the situation and feelings of the employee who is lagging behind. Then, help and support them.

This kind of approach from the boss will have a great impact on subordinates. Loyalty to a boss who treats them with compassion will grow, and the bond will deepen. And when they are treated with such compassion, they will change their behavior to treat others in the same way.

You will reach out to those in need of help willingly. Everyone would feel good and grateful to those who have helped or been kind to someone, even if it is in a small way. And in turn, that person will try to reach out and help someone else in the same way. Have you ever had such an experience?

The experience of being treated with kindness and appreciation creates magical chain reaction. This is because compassion deepens bonds and creates positive feelings.

As this spreads throughout the organization, a positive environment will be built and the level of wellbeing will increase. It will also deepen the bonds between employees, creating good relationships and fostering loyalty to the company and the work. In such an environment , poor health and negative feelings caused by stress will improve, and each employee will be able to enhance his or her natural strengths and creativity, which will lead to better performance.

As a result, the organization will become stronger and more productive, leading to further business growth.

Isn't it amazing the power that compassion can create?



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