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EQ - Why the Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) is becoming the benchmark for modern leaders

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Have you ever heard of EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?

EQ is an abbreviation for Emotional Intelligence Quotient, also known as the intelligence quotient of the mind. Specifically, it refers to the ability to understand, manage, and control one's own feelings and emotions, and is said to be a necessary skill for today's leaders, whose working styles are becoming more diverse.

Since the mid-1990s, EQ has been the focus of attention in corporate human resources and human resource development. In this seminar, we will explain in detail what EQ is and why it is attracting so much attention in the business world.

"I'm too passionate, and my judgment is clouded."

"I'm too scared to make decisions."

We live our lives controlled by our emotions every day. If you are too much influenced by your emotions, you may not be able to show your true potential, you may become incomplete, and it may lead to failure.

Emotions are treated as being in opposition to reason, and we are told that it is not a good idea to be emotional. However, emotions are necessary and the driving force for our actions, so they cannot be eliminated.

So what if we could control our emotions ourselves?

EQ is a key element in business, and when utilized in a business context, EQ can have the following effects.

  • Keeps motivation high.

  • EQ helps people to share their visions

  • Stress tolerance

  • Smooth relationships

  • Leadership skills

When you have a high EQ, or the ability to manage and control your emotions, you will be able to do more things in your business smoothly.

Can you increase your EQ by yourself?

EQ is a skill that can be improved with conscious training.

This is where EQ differs from IQ (Intelligence Quotient), which is often cited as a similarity. However, EQ is a skill that anyone can improve to some extent by learning how to use it, and there are various training programs and work available (training methods to increase EQ will be introduced in another article).

In business, EQ is especially important for those in leadership roles in the workplace. Especially in today's world of coronal disasters and diversified ways of working, leaders themselves are required to change as well.

For those who have been entrusted with a team as a leader but are not able to communicate well with members, or want to make a project proceed smoothly but have difficulty making decisions due to anxiety, we recommend learning about EQ first. Future leaders will be required to have a correct knowledge of EQ and how to use it effectively to facilitate projects and teams.

BrainMaid offers executive coaching services to help you develop the leadership skills you need to lead your team and people creatively and innovatively. The program is fully tailored to the ICF (International Coach Federation) coaching process, and includes the ability to predict how decisions and actions will affect the organization as a whole, and the thinking skills needed for strategy and next actions to help leaders stay one step ahead.

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